Material Trends 2017

Nature is a real focus in the surface and material trends right now. We are seeing a considerable rise in recycled and re purposed substrates, especially from building, food and eco waste. These outside of the box thinkers are transforming product development.

Excitingly for us, these positive environmental factors are seeing an evolution in the aesthetic and the soul of some of our basic day to day items. With these following examples already in play, I wonder where we will be with materials in years from now!

Solidwool 'Hembury Chair' 

"A strong, beautiful and unique composite material. Think fibreglass, but with wool."

Mushroom Leather

"Ethical and carbon neutral alternatve to leathers. Soon to be seen in interiors, fashion and accessories."

Coffee Waste Cup

"Coffee husks are blended with other materials such as eco-friendly polymers and dyes. A machine then presses the blended material into the design. The result is durable, dishwasher-friendly and recyclable."

Cork Wall / Floor Tiles

"Combining recycled granulated cork with whole wine corks...considering the world apparently consumes around 31.7bn bottles of wine a year"

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