Warm Layers Paint Colour Palette


Warm Layers Paint Colour Palette


This warm deliciouness is inspired by the tones of nature. This combo is like a nice warm hug! 

The pictured neutral is a very subtle grey which would be lovely combined with a quarter strength version for the trims.

The bolder colours are dramatic (drama optional) which inject a punch of character. Teamed with a variety of textures, natural timbers , slates and textiles this is the perfect boho palette.

Warm blush, warm mid reds, warm mid greens and yellows will bring an edge of difference. For a more subtle feel, add stunning teaks and dark leathers for the perfect Mid Century vibe.

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1 x Downloadable PDF document with colour + finish specifications for the above palette 

3 x printed colour samples as supplied by the manufacturer posted via Australia Post to your specified address

10% discount on an Initial Design Consultation (consult usually valued at RRP $150.00)


The above colour palette can be applied to create a cohesive look; main body of wall colour, doors and timber trim colour (architrave, skirting boards, cornice) and a feature colour to apply where needed for contrast.

You will receive a digital download which outlines the exact colour specifications as well as physical samples of the colour as supplied by the manufacturer (A4 colour swatches). These tools will allow you to create a space that will reflect something similar to the description above. Please note that the image is not a true representation of colours and textures, but a close indication. This palette has not been designed for a space with a northern aspect, however every space is unique and may require specific design requirements to obtain the look you are after.

Physical samples of the paint colours specified below will be ordered directly from the manufacturer and sent out to your supplied postage address as soon as possible. Please note that this can take up to 10 - 14 business days, depending on the manufacture. We endeavour to get these out to you as soon as possible, however we take no responsibility for lead times and misdirected mail.

We are confident that when applied in the appropriate application and proportion, these colours and finishes will be beautiful together. We do advise that you apply with caution and consider lighting, undertones, proportions, existing elements of the space and your own personal style to ensure you are totally happy with the finished result.

As part of your purchase through The Palette Store, we would like to offer you a 10% discount on an Initial Design Consultation (usually valued at RRP $150.00) should you need additional support or direction on your design journey.