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Thank you for engaging Spacedresser in your design project.

Please read through the Service Terms below, as they clearly outline the expectations from our service agreement. Should you have any issues with the below, please let us know. Otherwise, please note that booking an Initial Design Consultation with us assumes you have read and agreed to the below service terms.

We look forward to meeting you, getting a greater understanding of your design requirements and bringing your concept to life!

Scope and Services

Colour Design/ Interior Design services outlined in the Initial Design Consultation / Design Phase Quotation, confirm the works to be conducted by the Designer for the agreed quoted amount to be paid for by The Client. In The Client giving written or verbal approval of the issued Quotation, The Client agrees for the Designer to proceed with the scope of work and to abide by the terms below. Scope of works supplied to The Client will include: initial 60 minute consultation (preferably on site), a detailed overview of product recommendations with samples and specifications (where possible), prices (where applicable), a drawn layout identifying product placement and an invoice to be paid within 14 days of the invoice date.

Fees and Payment

All projects will be quoted upfront by The Designer and no work will commence until written / verbal approval has been been receipted from The Client. Final payment is due within 14 days of the invoice / project submission. Any third party services and products incurred during the duration of the project, will be advised to The Client by The Designer, and approved costs are the responsibility of the client. No third party costs will be covered by The Designer unless otherwise negotiated.

Cancellation and Termination

Once a consult has been booked in and confirmed via email, The Client has up to 48 hours before the scheduled consult to cancel without incurring any fees. Should the consult be cancelled and not rescheduled within a 24 hour period of the appointment, 50% of the fee will be paid to The Designer by The Client, unless The Designer deems a reasonable reason for doing so. Should the consult be forfeited due to The Client not being at the agreed location at the agreed time, The Client will be liable for 100% of the fee to be paid to The Designer. Following a consult, the quoted fee is to be paid at the time. Should The Client terminate a project before it’s completion, they will be required to confirm the termination with The Designer via email. The Designer will then provide an invoice of services rendered up until that point and The Client agrees to pay this within 14 days of receipt. The Client needs to follow the termination procedure as set out in the Terms and Conditions.


As with any design work, there are often reasonable amendments or additions which need to be made throughout the process. Any reasonable amendments are at the sole discretion of The Designer in deciding whether or not to proceed with changes to the design which are outside the scope of the services as outlined in the proposal. In this case, the project may need to be re-quoted and additional fees may be incurred. The Designer agrees to advise The Client of any additional costs before commencing the additional work required.

Third Party / Intellectual Property

All drawings, photographs, illustrations, scheme specifications, dimensions, and the like are the property of The Designer. Any infringement on the usage, sharing or on-selling of provided services must be approved by The Designer. The Designer takes no responsibility for any Third Parties, their rendered services, warranties, deliveries or products involved in the project. The Designer will make recommendations based on an entire scheme. Should The Client choose to only apply certain elements of the scheme, The Designer takes no responsibility for the final outcome. Colours will also change depending on their position, application and other unmentionable variations. Please be aware that any unofficial changes to the final design portfolio will not translate as per its intention and its outcome not the responsibility of The Designer.

Website Terms of Use

All content used on is the property of The Designer. Unless otherwise specified, The Designer may feature images of your project on this website. The client’s permission is considered granted to do so with the approval of the project. Please provide written permission if you would rather The Designer not use images of your project in the above listed website. All content and images are not to be used by competitors or other service providers without otherwise obtaining permission from The Designer.

Privacy Policy

The Designer agrees not to use and disclose personal information from The Client, including information collected for direct marketing. The Designer will keep all personal and project information on file for use of the project only. If details of the project are to be used in the instance of a case study, The Designer will gain permission from The Client beforehand.

Client Agreement

The Designer agrees to complete the above Scope of Works as per this agreement in time and on budget as per the approved quotation. Should any thing arise to impact this agreement, The Designer agrees to inform The Client of changes to time frames and budgets as they arise.